GeneDireX, Inc.

Custom Peptide Synthesis

  • We can produce peptides from 3 to 100 AAs in length at purities from 80% up to 98%.
  • Peptide quantity: 1~4 mg, 5~9 mg, 10 mg, 15 mg, 20 mg and other quantities.
  • Research and cosmetic grade
  • Modifications: 
    • Fluorescent labelingBiotin conjugationAhx linker or long carbon (LC) linkerBSA, KLH and OVA conjugation
      FRET pairsD formAmidation and acetylationPhosphorylation
      MethylationDisulfide bridgeSide chain modificationCyclization
  • custom peptide library service for screening including overlapping peptide library, alanine scanning library, truncation library, positional scanning library, random library and scrambled library. 
  • QC data:  MS and HPLC analysis for each peptide
  • Peptide solubility test
  • Optional service: 
    • Endotoxin test
    • TFA removal (salt form: acetate and hydrochloride)
    • Aliquoting service